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Updated: Feb 10, 2019

We just had a blast of -40 degrees here in the Twin Cities and it reminded me of home in North Dakota. I used to love the days we were inside due to weather; and I still do!

This time we cooked comfort food, organized a closet or 2 but mostly MADE ALL THE THINGS!

Uninterrupted time to create----ahhhhhhh! Such a gift! We are not TV people, we have one in another room and it is rarely on, so our screen time is usually social media driven, connecting with friends and loved ones with pictures, thoughts and ideas is faster and easier than ever before. THE BIG WIN THOUGH IS TAKING THE TIME TO IMPLEMENT THE IDEAS AND PLANS FOR THE SNOW DAYS! I painted, knit, made jewelry and organized a long overdue area on my ever mounding workbench. IT WAS GRAND!...and all while the wind was whipping and the temps were dropping.

Our little house was a well oiled machine of zen like movements, even sending my hubby out to brave the elements when I needed supplies. (He loved it!) I hope there is a snow day in your future. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT? (NOT SLEEP or BINGE TV, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR!)

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