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What is a HUNKABUNK?

When I was a little girl my Grandfather would call me his little hunkabunk. When he was out working in his shop I would join him and build things out of his leftover junk. He became my Grandpa Hunkabunk too and between him and my Dad giving me art lessons; my love of creating was born! When a friend created the facebook page I wanted a Fun name that encompassed all the fun things I make and HUNKABUNK COOL STUFF MADE OUTTA JUNK seemed to fit! i Love it!

Alvin J. Korom, Master Hunkabunker

My grandpa was the original Hunkabunk creating cool stuff out of junk, from Merry-go-rounds to steam engines, building his home and pouring concrete he did it all. I have really good memories of my grandpa and a lot of life lessons.

Good Stuff I learned from my Grandpa:

  • Keep trying new ideas, eliminate what doesn't work, its ok to try and fail

  • Keep making changes, never settle for good enough

  • Keep striving for a better way, ask others for help

  • Keep learning new things and let others know when they taught you something

  • Keep a list

  • Keep another list

  • If you love what you are doing, you will never work a day in your life.

He had a sign in his shop that said: Work Like HELEN B. HAPPY.

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