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It may not be trendy but I SAVE things

Papers, books I love, art, shoes, you name it I have many MANY things that fill my home and bring me joy. I know the movement is to PURGE, GET RID OF THINGS, but I declare a counter Movement!

I DECLARE a movement to hold on to what you love, keep 25 pair of shoes instead of just 5, save your old art from when you were a kid frame it and hang it on the wall!, cherish the pile of books next to the chair, I know there are many who will disagree with me and I get it I really do.

I just think that there is a place for us too, the keepers of stuff, not the level 5 horder with the paths in their home, but the level 2 horder who keeps for the nostalgia, the memories, and why not? You're gonna dust anyway, as you dust pick it up and REMEMBER that memory!

I have heard the take a picture of it and put it in an album theory, it sounds like it would work, but for me I enjoy having THINGS that make my home interesting, like it was curated out of my memories all around me. This is not to say I do not get rid of things my home is small there is only so much room, but I LOVE WHAT I DO KEEP and my home is full of goodies.

What do you think? Keep or get rid of? What is your asthetic? Whatever it is- be sure it is YOURS and not someone else's idea of how you ought to be living I guess is my ultimate point.

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