• sherimoe

Mister Mister

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

In the 80's there was a band called Mister Mister, they had a song with the lyric: "Take these broken wings and learn to fly again" I loved that song- Google it! Sooo good- this week it has been stuck in my head as I have a broken wing- fractured scapula- and my Honey is in the Hospital with a bad ticker. Oh Boy you sure get tested some days! As we were sitting in the ER I said to him- You know this is totally going to be ok, right? He agreed and squeezed my hand harder- we both sat in silence for much of the 4 hours we were there as he got tests and blood work-etc. And I kept singing the song in my was a comfort and I thought it may be to others too.

In those moments when time seems to be standing still, you say a little prayer, and squeeze a little harder, and humm a little louder. We have faith that we will see the other side of this, we will keep you posted!

After a week in the hospital he gets to return home today! so happy! Thank You for all of the well wishes!


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