• sherimoe

The Happiest Place on Earth

I was just in Disney World for 5 glorious,sunny,action-packed days. I kept hearing folks refer to it as the Happiest place on Earth. True many Many people are smiling and having fun, but WHY was THIS place the happiest and I thought of the idea; not a new one; that couldn't EVERYWHERE be literally the happiest place on Earth? If experiencing Happiness is the goal and for many of us being happy is a goal, why are we not happy at a grocery Store, which is a shop filled with things to feed us and keep us alive. I struggle with this one but the Doctor, even the Dentist should make us happy...right?

So I ask:What are the things that get in the way and block us from this constant state of happiness? is that really the goal? Or do you need a cloudy day to appreciate the Sun? Do you still appreciate the Sun if She shines everyday with no clouds? I say, Life is what gets in the is all happiness.

We just need to remember to appreciate it, here, now, today and not just in the Happiest Place on Earth.


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