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Wellness Wednesdays What is that about?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Recently I began Wellness Wednesdays on Hunkabunk- to bring attention to self care...because if you are like me we are better at the care of others than we are of ourselves and taking 5 minutes a day to breathe and create a fun little drawing together sounds easy enough; but we need to TAKE THE TIME FOR OURSELVES to do it. A simple little act like breaking your routine and creating a drawing can stimulate your brain to think in a different way; and it is FUN!

Too often we can get stuck in our routines and say I will do it later, when I have time, then get home and flop because we are too tired. I get it, and I wanted a fast easy reminder to LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TO BREAK THAT PATTERN. 5 minutes is less than 1% of your day.


I have always loved this quote, but I also have recently thought about what kind of stuff goes in my cup too...more and more I want it to be positive and full of good energy.

Not to get all mushy on you, but I love the HUNKABUNKERS and the relationships I have with the people I meet on Hunkabunk. Due to my injury I don't leave my house much and these ladies and a few gents too, are just an awesome part of my day!


My challenge to you it to try the drawings for a few weeks, post them, get a few free Hunkabunk bucks and see if you don't get a few extra smiles!

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