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Why is HUNKABUNK so colorful and talk about dressing happy?

When I had my accident I felt bad, really bad for a long time, I could wear sweat pants and pajamas only- until a friend gifted me a pair of Lularoe colorful leggings with happy little orange foxes on them. they made me smile. I was hooked on happy dressing!

I was also hooked on the idea of: "IF YOU FEEL CRAPPY, DRESS HAPPY."

It totally worked through my PT and classes that I attended I became known as that colorful one, or the girl that always wear the bright colors and fun jewelry. IT JUST STUCK. I was a pattern mixing fool and I loved it.

Even if I still hurt I was smiling; and making others smile too. Sometimes a smile is just the beginning you need. (It is totally ironic that for most of my adult professional like as a corporate trainer and Manager I wore Black all day, everyday, I am quite certain there is Science that explains that...)

So If you are feeling low, grab a colorful piece of Hunkabunk, lots of sparkles and a bright color and Shine On my friends, the world needs more smiles!

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